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Feature management at scale

Release new features faster, safer, as soon as you develop them
No more rolling back of deployments to turn off defective features

Manage your features instantly without deployments

Flagsio is an easy to use, real-time feature management platform that gives your teams full control over your features. Accelerate the development of web, back-end, desktop and mobile apps, and deliver value to your users every time.

Test new features on production, measure their impact, switch off any defective features instantly, perform a/b tests and more.

Product Preview

Release early, find bugs before your users

Real-Time Feature Flags

Toggle any feature on/off in real-time without the need of new deployments. Let your teams control which user segments access their features. Roll out new or unfinished features earlier with confidence.

Control Your Releases

Deploy unfinished features early. Perform QA tests in production without affecting your users. Gradually release your features when you are ready. Perform Canary, Blue/Green and Beta releases with ease.

Kill Switches

Immediately turn off any feature on any environment without having to roll back a code release or do a new deployment. If something goes wrong, simply switch off the feature flag and it will be disabled in real-time.

A/B Testing

Deliver customized experiences to your users by targeting them based on region, device, subscription or any other custom user attribute. Perform % roll outs, a/b testing and UI/functionality variations easily.

Get started in 3 simple steps

1. Create a new feature flag

Enter a name, a key and an initial value for your feature flag and you are ready to go.

Creating a new flag in the product page

2. Deploy your feature

Implement your feature behind the feature flag and deploy it straight to your environment.

var showNewFeedbackWidget = client.hasFeature(
    "feedback-widget-feature-flag-id", // feature flag identifier
    false); // defaults to false

if (showNewFeedbackWidget) {
} else {
var userAttributes = {
    identifier: user.ExternalIdentifier,
    email: user.EmailAddress,
    region: user.Country,
    custom: {
        "UserLevel": user.UserPermissionLevel.toString()
var showNewFeedbackWidget = client.hasFeature(
    "feedback-widget-feature-flag-id", // feature flag identifier
    false, // defaults to false
    userAttributes); // pass optional attributes to apply segmentation

if (showNewFeedbackWidget) {
} else {
var showNewFeedbackWidget = client.getVariation(
    "feedback-widget-feature-flag-id", // feature flag identifier
    false); // defaults to false

// .getVariation() method will return either true or false
// based on the % configuration in the feature flag

if (showNewFeedbackWidget) {
} else {

3. Release your new feature

Make your new feature available to your users, when you want, just by configuring the flag user targeting rules.

Configuring a new flag in the product page

That's it! Simple right?

Your new feature is now available to the users targeted by the feature flag!
You can now test it in production. Release it, or disable it in real-time. Without any additional deployments!

Build better products faster

Various Team Sizes Image

A platform built for teams of all sizes

Flagsio is built for agile teams of all shapes and sizes. Whether you are an independent developer, a start-up company or a huge enterprise, take advantage of feature flags and deliver value to your users, faster and with more confidence.
High Performance And Security Image

Designed for high performance and security

Our platform updates your feature flags in real-time without affecting your application's performance. The feature flags are streamed to all the connected systems when you change them, and are evaluated locally, without performing any additional network requests. This ensures that there is no performance cost and that your user's data stay safe within your system, keeping you compliant with the data protection regulations.
Test in production

Test your features in production

Testing your features in production on the live system or on real users gives you the most accurate results than any isolated environment or feedback taken from cherry picked users. Gain a real understanding of the impact your new and existing features make with the ability to turn them off instantly. Target user segments, perform % roll outs, gradually release new features and toggle them in real-time, without a single deployment.
Switch any feature on/off instantly

Switch any feature on/off instantly

Save time from doing roll back deployments and focus on providing value to your users. Utilizing feature flags as kill switches is a commonly used method of mitigating release risks. Now your product and marketing teams can participate in feature testing and manage their releases without relying on engineering support. Have peace of mind knowing that any feature can be switched off instantly, at any time. Never roll back a code deployment just to undo a feature release again.
Safer Infrastructure Migrations

No more painful infrastructure migrations

Making structural changes to your system? Migrating to a new database? Or maybe you are releasing a new front end? Everything can be risky! Take advantage of feature flags and maintain system stability during these operations. Use percentage roll outs to validate the new system, gradually migrate your users to your new database or test the new front end on a restricted segment of users, before releasing it to your audience.
User Targeting

User targeting made easy

Target user segments based on their region, device details, subscription or any other custom user attribute. Have total control over who sees what at any given time.